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Experimental tools for jobseekers in need

How can VDAB & partners guide jobseekers in difficulties to successfully participate in Belgium's labor market

Why “Hi”?

The VDAB’s statistics show that with an employment rate of 71,9%, Flanders is still a long way from the EU target of 75%. That rate is much lower within the “disadvantaged jobseekers” category. For example, only 53,7% of those born outside the EU have a job.

This is why we started exploring how we could help struggling jobseekers to connect with the right people and get the right information to help them along.

VDAB strives for partnerships with other agencies and players on the market to tackle the challenges of our customers in need. The Hi tools create open ecosystems that allow and facilitate those forms of cooperation.

Hi, is a collection of digital experiments and tools from VDAB for jobseekers to find their way to a job suiting their qualifications.

What are the hold backs to employment?

Successful integration in Belgium’s labor market is no walk in the park for disadvantaged jobseekers. Whether they are immigrant, low-skilled, jobseekers with disability or seniors (50+), it is a hard and long process that requires courage and patience.

Finding a job in today’s economic and social environment can be overwhelming enough, without other obstacles hindering the way.

Main holdbacks

Networking Information Job opportunities Culture & Customs Language Practical experience

How can the VDAB help?

Hi is not only a brand but also a collection of experimental tools, useful information and contacts to help guide jobseekers in need, along their individual journey of integration and finding work.


Hi platform

Language, housing, welfare, spare time, children, work, education and mobility, they can all be found somewehere within ‘Hi’.

Hi provides tools and apps, useful websites and links, as well as ways to get them in touch with partners, volunteers, organisations, companies and buddies.

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